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The Importance of Growth To Disruptors

In my time as a tech leader within the Pittsburgh community, I’ve seen brilliant folks looking to positively contribute to the tech ecosystem and challenge industries. Their dedication to their business and its development is unflinching and palpable. I’ve noticed that this type of commitment can be defined by their commitment to growth.

Growth is something that is deeply intrinsic to who I am and something I’ve applied to in many areas of my life. Back when I was in college on a students’ budget I became fed up with our everyday staples of easy-mac and frozen dinners (or worse yet, University meals). I decided to take your college staple, Ramen noodles, and turn it into a gourmet meal. I was determined that Ramen could be an amazing epicurean delight and it could be done on a budget. I grabbed some chicken legs, marinated them in yogurt with some simple spices baked them in the one baking dish I owned and artfully displayed it on top of the noodles. My ad-hoc concoction turned out wonderfully, with my dining partners exclaiming that I was totally fearless in my culinary creation. Reflecting back, it wasn’t so much fearlessness, but this idea that I knew it could be better. The idea of turning something amazing out of something seemingly mundane is exactly what drove me. And, isn’t this exactly that type of vision and quest for improvement that makes for the best disruptors?

Everyone has their gourmet Ramen story. It’s our job to recognize that drive for growth, its innovation (and in my case, maybe a little bit of crazy) and foster it into a game-changer. It’s this holistic understanding of growth that has me delighted to announce that I have joined the Pittsburgh Tech Council’s board of directors.

This organization has been central to Pittsburgh’s technological Renaissance. Their commitment to continual growth and renewal is what initially attracted me to the organization. Beyond their already stellar achievements, they have cemented their commitment for improving and iterating on their positive contribution to making growth and success more achievable for all populations. I am excited to not only contribute to what they’re already doing, but offer my experience and expertise as one of the few women of color leading a tech company in the city of Pittsburgh. I believe so deeply in their mission and am excited to have the ability to help strengthen this change and create a more equitable tech economy for everyone. Perhaps most importantly, I’m ready to discover and learn from others’ own style of disruption and contribute to advancing someone else’s Ramen story.

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