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Three Cheers for Underdogs

Growing up in Dubai, I was surrounded by beautiful architecture and engineering marvels. I was always captivated by how much the landscape of Dubai was evolving and at an early age, it piqued my interest in structural engineering. My dream of becoming an engineer and what would ultimately lead me to founding a Proptech company was encouraged by my loving father.

From an early age, my father identified the ambition of his two daughters and he was the ultimate coach and cheerleader. He encouraged us to study in the US so we could pursue our dreams without the limitations that existed for women in the UAE. We both did exactly that.

The evolution of my career has taken me to founding a tech company in the construction/real estate space. While the challenges are new, some are still the same. As an immigrant founder, I find my uphill battle is slightly more sloped, I don’t have many familial connections in this space, my successes can be questioned more thoroughly and I can be taken less seriously because I am a middle-eastern woman in a male dominated space. In those moments, I take a deep breath and think about the values that my father instilled in me.

I think about the challenges I had to face when coming to this country in the first place and keep my nose to the grinding stone and press on. I hear my father’s voice that women can accomplish anything in the US and this motivation has led me to where Mighty is today.

I’ve grown Mighty from a one-woman shop to securing a partnership with the 4th largest brokerage in the nation. We are utilizing data and AI to transform the real estate industry and offer smart tools to all parties involved in real estate. I’m building connections with fortune 500 companies all while leading a diverse team with all-female executive leadership. I can feel myself moving the needle in both the real estate industry as well as in the male-dominated tech industry and other companies are taking note.

We recently got a grant from the Sara Blakely Foundation. They are helping women-led businesses as a result of COVID-19. These are exactly the types of commitments that adds to my drive to continue moving Mighty forward, but also reminds me that paying it forward is just as important. As Mighty continues down the path to success, it’s my hope that I can connect, motivate and mentor other women, immigrants or underdogs to achieve their goals. I want to become the cheerleader that my father was for my sister and I. Mirroring his endless belief and dedication to us, I want to motivate another woman to tackle an obstacle with gumption, drive and a support-system of others in their corner.

To underdogs -

Please don’t ever hesitate to reach out if there is something I can help you with. If you have questions, critiques, or simply want to have a conversation, I am all ears.



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