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Using Estimates to Negotiate

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

We know that post-inspection can be a massive headache in the closing process -- you’ve told us so! It’s where timelines get extended because of unexpected issues, your client gets cold feet after seeing the inspection report, and more. All of these things can delay closing and affect the final price of the sale. But, inspection reports can also be a blessing in disguise - when used effectively.

With Mighty’s estimates in hand, realtors have the power to negotiate at close, quickening the closing process and welcoming families home faster, but don’t take it from us!

“Our real estate investment group works with Mighty anytime we have a tight negotiation window on a new property acquisition. We find the detailed inspection report estimates very helpful to sense-check our preliminary budget estimates and to identify the critical items to highlight in our inspection replies. Very useful, time saving solution.”

Once you upload your inspection report, Mighty will send you an estimate in 24 hours or less, saving you the time you would have been spending calling a handful of other companies to end up in the same place. You can spend your valuable time on things that help you sell more!

When equipped with the necessary tools to negotiate, prices can significantly change. The real estate investor goes on to say this:

“We use the reports to bring the asking price in line with true market value, in some cases getting up to 25% off the list price.”

Negotiating at close can be difficult, but you can use Mighty’s estimates to work in your favor! You can negotiate with confidence knowing you have regionally-based numbers based on the industry experience of Mighty’s team of estimators. The estimates also help you prepare your client for the kind of numbers they can expect to receive from the contractors they hire to do the necessary work.

You can be the top-notch negotiator. You are Mighty.

Abigail is the Marketing Coordinator Intern for Mighty. She loves popcorn, old lady hobbies like knitting, and, or course, writing. She has a little Chorkie (Chihuahua-Yorkie mix) named Ollie the Dog and can do a perfect impression of a siren.

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