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Price any repair items in 24 hours or less

Have an inspection report you'd like estimates for? Get your virtual estimates on repair items in 24 hours. 
Our Story

Grown out of the real estate industry and fostered through meticulously built brokerage and construction partnerships.  

Our Vision

Use technology to make home repair pricing faster and fit in with your schedule, not someone else's. 


Regional and historical data on every home. Providing accurate and prompt repair estimates quickly.

How it works

Blue and Orange Technology Pitch Deck Pr


Mighty has synthesized data across the US to provide virtual regionally-accurate estimates.


Send us an inspection report, tell us which items you'd like to have estimated and our construction specialists will deliver an estimate to your inbox in 24 hours. 

Blue and Orange Technology Pitch Deck Pr
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"Streamlining the home inspection process"

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